Let your dreams come true

My goal for 2022 is clear: make your dreams come true!

It all doesn’t have to happen this year. There is probably not enough time for that. But setting foundations, getting things going, achieving intermediate goals, and setting goals and dreaming dreams for this year… these are my wishes for 2022. 

After the planning and dreaming and goalsetting of 2021 failed to work out, I have been a bit disillusioned about “society.” It will take something strong to override a multi-year global pandemic and make positive changes. So these goals are not about society, but they are the wishes and dreams that only concern me and my family.

I want (and will) this year:

  •     lay a solid foundation for my independence
  •     hold a big celebration at least once
  •     visit friends
  •     hold a workshop live and on the spot

My dreams & wishes for the next years

It’s easy to overestimate what you can accomplish in a year, but just as easy to underestimate what’s possible in 3, 5, or 10 years. I don’t want to narrow down exactly how many years, but I have quite a few dreams and wishes for the next few years. These can also be found on my lion list and are (of course) not much different from this one:

  •     help found a free school
  •     help design and use a local shared worked space that includes child care
  •     go on a trip abroad with the kids for several weeks
  •     live in a house with a guest apartment or guest cottage, and a large garden
  •     invite friends from all over the world to visit at that house
  •     take a vacation at the seaside
  •     build a tree house
  •     start riding again, preferably with the children
  •     live in a castle
  •     organize a live role-playing event
  •     organize a real live medieval market (the German medieval market-online already exists)
  •     participate in a roleplaying event in the USA and/or Canada

If last year’s motto of the year was “new beginning,” then the motto of 2022 is the slogan “lift off!” 

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