References and realized ideas

Here you can find an overview of the projects I have realized with others so far.

My first crazy project: medieval market online

Is it possible to hold a medieval market online? Yes! When the lockdown came in early 2020, it was clear that many of the merchants and showmen who live off live events would have quite a problem, certainly beyond the lockdown period. So I talked to some of them if they could imagine a transitional online solution and then negotiated with the people of flea market online if that would be feasible. Almost 2 months later (on my birthday) the first Germany-wide medieval market went online. And it was repeated monthly for over a year until offline markets were possible again. Unfortunately, the site is no longer active, which is why I can no longer link it here.

April Fool? Tear-off calendar with word of the day

Those who know Judith Peters know: she has it with funny word creations. Especially the “word of the day”. As an April Fool’s joke, she announced that she wanted to make a tear-off calendar. Cheeky as I sometimes am, I asked on social media what she needed to make it happen.
She remembered that and a year later the calendar became a reality. And it was quite a lot of fun to implement the with.

Creative Writing Workshop in Calgary

In 2022 I had planned a (short) trip to Calgary. Actually just to visit some friends and acquaintances. And to see the world’s largest gaming store. Wait, world’s largest gaming store? Somehow I found the idea exciting to ask the people there if I could hold a workshop if I was already there anyway. The answer was something like: “What exactly? Sounds exciting. When are you going to be there? We’ll set that up.”

Catalyst Shadowrun 16-Months-Calendar

This one doesn’t quite fit into the series, but in fact I approached Catalyst to see if I could take notes, and Catalyst didn’t approach me. How could I, I was absolutely unknown in their circles, only a friend of mine could have been an advocate, but that wasn’t necessary. So now I have some scenario ideas for Shadowrun on an official Shadowrun product.

Planned Projects


An Instagram kind-of-challenge where authors offer short texts to participating actors, for example with a short monologue and some background, from which the actor then makes a short 30-60s video (reel) in which the character is “brought to life”. Additionally, actors can request characters/texts for them to be written by authors.

Short Story Advent Calendar 2023

24 short stories in a wintry setting, written by 24 very different authors* from different genres.
Incredibly fun to create. Probably not the last of its kind.



You also want to realize a crazy sounding project? Then feel free to contact me.