A Day as a Man — International Women’s Day

What if I could spend a day as a man? What if I could spend a day as a man on International Women’s Day? This, based on my impression, is just a normal day for most people anyway. Or is it?

Women's Day

“Women’s Day”

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(M)a day as a man on International Women’s Day

A note in advance: I will reach deep, very deep into the cliché box and exaggerate only a bit (very much).

Let’s start with…



The shower feels wonderful, and I luxuriate in it. Fresh clothes are already hanging in the bathroom, and I can put them on as soon as I dry myself off. In the living room, the children watch TV, while getting ready for school. I hurry into the kitchen, full of the smell of hot, fresh coffee. My wife has set breakfast on the table for the four of us. I grab a piece of toast while she yells at them to come and finish eating.

I spread jelly on an already-buttered piece of bread. I am in a hurry today. I grab the travel mug full of coffee my wife has already made up for me, the way I like it, of course. She presses a banana into my hand–“Take this!”–as I rush to the door. I’m already so late! The first meeting is at 8! And my wife needs the car because Paul… no, Michi goes to karate this afternoon. So let’s go to…



Right behind the front gate, women and a few men stand smiling, handing out red roses to female employees. What’s going on? “It’s International Women’s Day,” a colleague explains to me, rose in her hand. “Oh. Yes. That’s right.” I read something about that in an internal memo. But why? Our female colleagues are fully integrated into our teams, they do their job well, and nobody looks at them strangely. What is the purpose of this day now? Somewhat perplexed, I follow her inside. However, there is so much to do that I can’t think about the roses anymore. I’m not that much of a fan of flowers anyway, and I have to get ready for this meeting.

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The boss is satisfied with the meeting, and he has a few suggestions for the next presentation. “It’s best to let Mrs. Schneider make the slides again. She has a good eye for it.” This is true, but she also very precise ideas of how the corresponding graphics should look so that they fit visually. That’s a bit annoying.

The rest of the working day is a bit hectic, but at least there are no unpleasant surprises. I am finally getting out of the office on time today. How beautiful.


At home

When I get home, the house is empty. It is strange, but I remember that today is Michi’s karate. Both children are probably there with my wife. I make myself a drink and sit down at the computer. It’s time to relax a bit. Mario Cart with a few friends is always relaxing.

“Honey? Are you here?” I hear from the door. “Yes!” I shout back. Is it already that late? Whoops, it is. I pause the game and shout back: “What’s there to eat?”


Let’s leave that day behind

That’s how I would imagine an (exaggerated) normal day as a man. Take care of getting to work on time and do a good job there. Someone else will do everything else, while sometimes he lives without even an awareness that there is an imbalance in the distribution of tasks or the mental and physical stress. I left it open whether this man’s wife also works. It’s not unlikely, so the distribution will be even more uneven.

Equality? Not quite. But you can dream.

That’s what it’s all about: true equality, and not just on paper. Yes, a lot of progress has been made, but we are still a long way from equality.

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