10 ideas for small changes in everyday life

You want to change something, but don’t know exactly where to start? Here are 10 ideas for small changes in everyday life, to try out, to become braver and have fun doing it.


1. Break the routine — compliment yourself every evening

Have you ever tried to compliment yourself? It can be anything from “I like myself today” or “I like my smile” or “that meeting went well today.” In the beginning, this may feel a bit strange, but never mind. It will become more natural to practice being nice to yourself.

2. Change the color of your food

This is probably easier to do with children, who can be adventurous with their favorite foods (you have seen multi-colored ketchup, right?). There are several ways to safely dye your dinner, to completely change your mealtime from something pedestrian to something new. Why not have blue pasta, green cauliflower, or red French fries… even though it may take courage to take that first bite.

3. Have cookies for breakfast

Nutrition should be balanced! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! No dessert for breakfast! Consider setting those instructions aside for a day and trying something completely different. This is all about changing your pattern and breaking out of your rut with a reward at the beginning of the day. But be realistic. If this goes against your dietary needs, choose something else.

4. Start learning a new language

These first phrases are enough: Yes, no, please, thank you, hello and goodbye. Maybe learn to order another drink. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy learning the language enough to learn more? In any case, with the (little) knowledge you have gained, you can probably inspire people because you took the trouble to learn their language. My two most creative attempts in this direction were Irish Gaelic and Swahili. It helps to have a neighbor  or friend who speaks the language.

5. Be first up and out!

Why not get up sooner than usual and see if it’s good for you? I really enjoy my morning half hour to myself. I don’t do this every day. Sometimes sleep is more important to me. But it was a discovery that helps me. Maybe it will you, too?

6. Swap knife and fork

This is more of a game of mixing up old movement patterns. Presumably, a meaningful use does not work on the first attempt. But no one will give up so quickly. Or will they?

7. Writing with the other hand

Similar to the exchange of knife and fork, here is another attempt with practiced movement patterns. Do you write your name legibly on the first try? Unless you’re ambidextrous, almost nobody does, but it can be fun trying.

8. Search your job board

It doesn’t matter if you like your job or not. You don’t actually have to apply. Sometimes browsing and seeing what is going on in the working world can be interesting. It can help you see your job from a different perspective and no harm is done to anyone.

9. Give yourself a “yes” and say “no”

Are you someone who often gives into pressure and says, “yes?” Then this may be for you. The next time you say “no,” realize that you’re also saying “yes!” to something that you want to do. You might want to spend time with your family or pets. Perhaps you just want to read or watch television. Maybe you just want a few hours to yourself to watch the sunset. That “no” you give to someone else is a “yes” to you. Saying “no” can be very hard. I know that from myself. But it is helpful to oneself to be able to do it.

10. Say hello to a stranger

Why only greet people you know? Try wishing a stranger you meet a good day. Who knows, maybe you will run into each other more often and start talking? I do this often and find it exciting. In fact, I learn often about the people I run into every day and whom I would never have met if I hadn’t said hello. Remember, a friend is only a stranger you haven’t spoken to yet.


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