Creative writing in a group?
With a moderator?

Of course! You can:

  •     be creative without being judged
  •     have fun while writing (again)
  •     take a break from everyday life, and recharge your batteries and motivation
  •     get to know other writers
  •     create something together


There is a door. You have tried to open it many times. It simply will not open. It stays closed. Yet there is something wonderful behind it. You know this, you have been there before. However, at some point you closed the door and now it remains closed. No matter what you try, the damn thing just won’t open.

I want to guide you… take a step back, away from the door, toward the grand mirror on the wall behind you.

Your foot catches on something. One stumbling step becomes two. You fall backwards toward the wall, into the mirror. Only…  nothing shatters, nothing resists you. For a short, infinite moment you plunge through space, speckles of light pass and through you, and you land, not gently, on the seat of your pants. You look around…


Your interest is piqued and you already have an idea what you will find.

Or do you prefer to be surprised? Is it more exciting if you’re not alone?

I offer you a chance to start writing (again) in a safe, shared setting, to allow your creativity to bloom fully and freely. All judgments and evaluations remain outside of the work. There are already far too many of those in our lives.

I’ll ask you a few simple questions to find out what appeals to you and to find a setting for you. You don’t have to discover or write the setting alone. I’ll guide you and your protagonist through a framework story, or you can write the story together with several other authors, each who bring their own character.

Why write in a group?

As a result, the story is absolutely not linear and also not really predictable. Every writer brings in their own point of view and their own ideas. We pass the ball to each other. A particular idea is taken up by another writer, expanded or supplemented, and fed back to the group.

My part in this is to create a frame story, which is then filled in by the participants. If the framework is abandoned and left behind, that’s no problem, as long as everyone has fun.

How does it work?

Just register with your email address and you will be put on the waiting list for the fall. When it starts, you will be notified immediately. I will then send you a few questions and a link to a Slack group to begin.

By the way, the whole thing costs you no money whatsoever!

The writing itself will be done in a Google Doc, to which only the authors and I can access.

I will begin each story with an individual opening, so no one has to worry about how to start. Everyone creates their protagonists with a few sentences and then enters the story.

A writer can only describe the actions of their own protagonist. What happens to a character is decided upon only by its creator. Each author has complete control over their own character. This is an inviolable rule. 

And the time commitment?

The writing will take place over 4 weeks. Quite a bit of story can be created in that time.

The story, its direction, and its narrative drive all depend on you and your group. According to experience, the writing maintains momentum if everyone contributes something every 2 days, with each day taking 10 to 15 minutes. 

However, the participants have been so enthusiastic that they have contributed much more time and effort to their stories.

This requires no previous or specialized knowledge. We will start almost immediately. All I need are answers to a few questions and a rough description of your desired character. 

Be warned! This will be fun!

Who I am

I am Lucie, an author, motivator, and game leader. I am the ideenbrunnen–the fountain of ideas.

I studied aerospace engineering and am the mother of 2 children.

I am the companion who motivates, supports, identifies strengths and teases out needs–and takes real pleasure in doing so. Sometimes I bubble over with ideas.

For over 25 years, I have led role-playing groups of very different people in very different settings.

Learning and getting to know each other can be fun and exciting. 
Laughter is (almost) guaranteed.
Insights about yourself are very likely.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send me an email.

Yay, I got the link to the slack group. But...what now?